Class And Economic Status From Middle And Upper Class Societies Essay

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What 's interesting about arise and relationship to class and economic status or wealth amongst its members, arise benefits from middle and upper-class societies who for any number of reasons feel compelled to donate volunteer or financially fund through tax exempt donations to cover the gaps that occur as a result of financial limitations in the ongoing threat of state and federal financial cutbacks. Another economic situation that other nonprofit organizations like no one leaves does not combat is providing unbalanced services by placing homeless people into motels or other type of housing arrangements out of their pockets until families who can be placed in housing are able to have a roof over their heads officially. Such examples of this donation of skills resources and community wealth and efforts is someone like Ann Ferguson. Her role at arise has been demonstrated during an independent fundraiser herself and one other person organized in artists auction were local community members then made bids on the collected artwork. This event was completely orchestrated and executed by Ann Ferguson and the other person raising financial funds for arise through their personal access to previous relationships established throughout their lifetime.

Regardless of social economic and class arise provides assistance to whoever they can. From a legal consultation to some food to put in the empty belly of someone who can afford food because the cost of rents are too high. Most of…

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