Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning And Observational Learning

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Learning is a relatively lasting behavior through experience. There are three major types of learning: classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning. Classical conditioning is a process of learning where an association is formed between a neutral stimulus and a stimulus that evokes a response naturally. Operant conditioning is a learning process using reinforcement or punishment of certain behaviors. Observational learning is where the process of learning happens through observing and experiences. Kids tend to act out what they see and witness. Albert Bandura’s social learning theory supports this and states that humans learn from the examples others set and from direct experiences that involve rewards and punishments. He conducted a study where he and a team of researchers were watching a bunch of kids with dolls after they had seen adults with the dolls. He originally thought that if a kid sees a doll, he or she is just going to play with it. He was proved wrong. These kids were how ever the adults were with the doll and attempted to mimic the mannerisms such as being aggressive with the doll. His study taught that a child can not be just told to not be aggressive. If you want a child to be peaceful, the adult or anyone in the environment should be peaceful. “Regardless of the precise contributions of genetic and biological factors, it is clear that aggressive behavior is strongly affected by learning (Bandura, 1973)” (Fein, Kassin, Hazel, 2014,

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