Classical Societies Essay

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Classical Societies Essay There is a tremendous amount of artwork from classical societies that still inspires artists and art enthusiasts today. Art can reveal an extensive amount of information regarding the culture of the society from which it was created. To analyze artwork in relation to the culture of the society, the artwork must be studied in a variety of ways. The artwork that will be examined will be the Parthenon from the Classical Greece period, the Nike of Samothrace from the Hellenistic Greece period, the Capitoline She-Wolf from the Etruscan Civilization, a Roman Patrician with Busts of His Ancestors from the Roman Republic, and Pantheon from the Roman Empire civilization. The Parthenon is a perfect example of the…show more content…
Greek ark seems to have influenced the Etruscan artists. Which, would lead to the assumption, Etruscan people may have adopted some of the customs and traditions from the societies of Greece. A Roman Patrician with Busts of His Ancestors is a remarkable example of sculpture from the Roman Republic period. The sculpture was made out of marble in the last century BCE. This art reveals the magnitude of importance this society attached to family and lineage. The wealth and expansion of the Roman Republic led to the creation of new social classes. Their art was meant to show power and influence. They created realistic art, and typically focused on certain places, specific times, and political people used for propaganda and included ideological messages. They placed great importance on the realistic image of the body and especially the face. The Pantheon 118-125 BCE is an outstanding example of many advances in architecture produced from the Roman Empire. The Pantheon is a circular temple dedicated to the 12 major Gods. The dome was made of concrete and had an opening at the top called an oculus. The oculus lets sunlight in, and it would hit all 12 Gods as the sun set form east to west. This design is still popular today. The craftsmanship of the architects and their attention to every detail shows the society placed great value on knowledge and improving on the skills they had
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