The Influence Of The Pantheon On Modern Architecture

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Pantheon located in Rome, Italy is the most well conserved architectural structure of the Roman period. Pantheon, initially a roman sanctuary worked to committed to every one of the divine beings, however in 609AD., it was transformed into a congregation and stays as it. Initially worked by Agrippa around 27BC under Augustus' lead however it was caught fire during 80D, under Emperor Domitian's care then build it again, yet was struck by lightning and burned down again in 110AD. The present Pantheon was worked in 120AD and finished by Emperor Hadrian alongside Apollodorus of Damascus. (Hannah and Magli 2011) Since the Renaissance, the Pantheon has been a site for several important burials. The Pantheon that we can visit today is composed of…show more content…
(Cline 2016) Architects around the world has been studying it and attempt to infuse the strong elements or principles of design into their own works eventually common elements from the Pantheon can be found in various places, like chapel, libraries or even museum. The Rotunda (University of Virginia) build by Thomas Jefferson. The Rotunda was deeply influenced by the Pantheon in Rome and it is to symbolize "authority of nature and power of reason". The ideas of building Rotunda uses the same idea of building Pantheon. It is clearly seen that the materials use is very different. Pantheon is constructed by reinforced concrete while Rotunda gives a neat and clean finish of the overall building by using wood and brick. Moving to the interior, it uses a different approach while it is designed. Pantheon is an enclosed big place where the only light source enter is from the eye while Rotunda is built as an mulit-story architecture that the light source comes from the windows was in-built around the dome. Other examples are like San Antonio, Trieste, build by Pietro Nobile; Church of the Great Mother of God, Turin, build by Ferdinando Bonsignore; Church of San Francesco di Paolo, Naples, build by Pietro Bianchi. The similarities among these architecture is all was deeply influenced by Pantheon and have a similar architecture building,
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