Classroom Management Plan. “The First Day Of School Is

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Classroom Management Plan
“The first day of school is the most important day of the school year (Wong, 2009)”. It is the day where classroom rules and procedures are set in place and the students know what is expected from them. An effective teacher will dedicate time in creating a classroom management plan in order to help maintain appropriate behaviors of the students in the classroom. “When classrooms aren’t managed, they become chaotic and less productive (Wong, 2009).” Student’s will respond and absorb the academic lesson if the teacher is organized and consistent with the rules he/she sets in place.

Philosophical Discipline
As a teacher, I want to enable all students an equal opportunity to learn in an environment that is …show more content…

“The truth is that adolescents, despite occasional or numerous protests, need adults and want them to be part of their lives, recognizing that they can nurture, teach, guide, and protect them on the journey to adulthood (Association, 2002)”.
Since adolescence in the fifth grade are developing their social and emotional skills, it is imperative to use teaching strategies that promote healthy communications between students, and teachers. “Techniques that are easy to integrate into your everyday interactions with students that support the discipline plan are: communicating positive expectations, correcting students in a positive way, developing classroom pride, demonstrating caring, and preventing and reducing your own frustration and stress (Boynton, 2005)”. By following the mentioned techniques, I can envision a classroom that will be self-controlled, where students can take pride in knowing that they contributed to the success of their education. “Self- control levels the playing field, and puts the keys to achievement in students’ hands (Nathan DeWall, 2014)”.

Classroom Procedures Every morning beginning with the first day of class, I will stand by the classroom door with a smile and greet each of my students as I welcome them to my classroom “One of the most successful techniques is to meet and greet your students at the door as they enter the classroom or line them up in an area for your greeting and instructions before entering

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