Classroom Observation Response

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Classroom Observation Response

On Thursday December 15th, 2016 I had the opportunity to sit and observe Mr.Warren's seventh period class. His seventh period is a English II honors, which he said would be the best class for me to observe. While I was there I observed many different items we have previously addressed in class. While I was there he touched on operant conditioning, reinforcement, punishment, extrinsic motivation, and classical conditioning. All of these items were shown in the short amount of time I was there.

One of the first types of learning that occurred in his class was classical conditioning. In the beginning of class Mr.Warren was giving instructions on today's lesson and the students were talking, then Mr.warren sat down on his stool and almost the entire class immediately stopped talking. In this case the neutral stimulus would be Mr.warren sitting down, paired with him getting up set, leading to the class's response to stop talking. What I observed was the that the neutral stimulus change into the conditioned stimulus of him sitting down, and the conditioned response of the class to stop talking. Mr.Warren also uses operant conditioning within his classroom. For that day's …show more content…

He used extrinsic motivation by giving candy to those who complete their work first, and when it was correct. He gives other reinforcements besides candy, he tell the students when they are doing a good job, and are well behaving. When they first started the work he was amazed at how quiet the class was, and said how they were doing an amazing job and was happy to see everyone working so hard. Although no punishments were given out while I was there it was discussed due to what happened in the previous class. He threatened to give students a essay to write if they were not to cooperate in that day's activity. This would be a form of positive punishment since he is adding an essay to their

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