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Without a doubt the lessons and exercises on time management were the most meaningful to me. They brought insight into why I seemed to be constantly working yet still never really got anything I wanted to accomplish throughout the day finished. I realized the majority of the activities I had been spending the most time on didn’t reflect my values of hard work and self discipline and long term academic goals to be successful in college. This motivated to completely change the way I managed my time by effectively striking a balance between my maintenance, committed, and free time. I found several helpful strategies throughout this course but the ones I found to be most beneficial were the ones on setting goals and managing financial…show more content…
I know have a list of short-term goals that will eventually help me reach my long-term goal of graduating with a business degree. The advice on managing my financial resources was also beneficial because it open my eyes t the pitfalls of credit card debt that I didn’t pay attention to before such as the amount of extra time and interest it would take to pay off a card if I only paid the minimum payment each month. The suggestions for saving money were interesting as well. I learned there are huge advantages to saving early and using the power of compound interest. Turns out the least helpful section of this course in my opinion was the chapter on actively reading. I have always been an avid reader and I’ve never had a problem with reading comprehension so most of the information and reading strategies that were presented in the text just sounded redundant and didn’t seem to apply to me. There isn’t much I would change about the course except for maybe the length of some writing assignments. Upon reviewing the “Best Strategies for success in school” I realize that I now apply many ideas I use to ignore to my school approach such as getting to know my instructors, breaking down projects into more manageable tasks to avoid procrastination, and staying healthy. All the strategies listed are important but the three key strategies that will remain with me the longest throughout my academic career will be to getting help with difficult class work early, keeping most

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