Classroom Reflection

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When I arrived to my classroom today, Mrs. Beach’s students were still at their special. This gave us about ten minutes to talk about my upcoming less. Mrs. Beach would like me to teach my lesson on October 24. I am not certain which standard I will be teaching, but I do know that I will be teaching students how to solve story problems using the standard subtraction algorithm. I am excited to teach this lesson, but I am also very nervous because I don’t know exactly how to introduce this topic to the students. At 10:10 A.M., the students returned to the classroom, grabbed their math baskets and sat down at their desks. I am constantly amazed at how well behaved these students are. I cannot to learn more about the management strategies that Mrs. Beach implements in her class.
Today, for math, Mrs. Beach had the students work on a rounding review sheet. Many of the questions were in the form of story problems, so she walked the students through each question. During this time, Mrs. Beach had me grade a stack of math quizzes. One aspect of teaching that I look forward to is grading papers. I know it sounds crazy, but I love to see how each student’s work is portrayed differently. I also love trying to figure out how they formulated the answers that they did, especially if they got the question wrong. While I was grading these quizzes, it became very evident that the students needed more practice on rounding to the hundreds place. They had spent so much time rounding to the

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