Classroom Reflection

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Today in elementary schools, children are far more advanced than my generation of children in elementary school. Countless amounts of their parents are more open-minded, as well as inclined to hold challenging conversations with them at such a young age. Aside from communication, some parents are also helping students brush up on other academic skills, such as mathematics. Parents are not just preparing their students to meet standards in their classes, but to surpass the requirements for their grade levels. In classes, many teachers now take part in three twenty minute rotation activities. This is a formative assessment, that seems like a game to students, but actually allows teachers to reflect on students progress. It also creates this illusion of children being able to have freedom over their learning, and choose what activity they want to begin their rotation periods with. That way, no one is left feeling bored with repetitive lessons, and no one feels overwhelmed with hurried instructed activities. With that being said, I believe Dewey is the perfect representative of this type of learning structure. In this reflection, I will state and explain my reasons why I mainly support Dewey. Next, I will then explain what reasons made me, disagree with Cubberley. Lastly, I will finish up my reflection by readdressing my main thoughts in a brief summary. For starters, several schools today are more intrigued with challenging traditional education. This allows students to be
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