Clay Jannon Literary Analysis

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Ever since the introduction of humans on Earth, homo sapiens have dominated this planet. However, despite human superiority, there have been many times in history where people continue to perceive different incidents and occurrences in one way, however, in reality, these occurrences have a much deeper meaning. In the novel, Clay Jannon goes beyond the misunderstanding of life and travels deep into the real world to find the meaning of life. Robin Sloan, the author of the story, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hours Bookstore, devoted his novel to explain the misconceptions of appearances versus the real life. Moreover, in the story the author gives a number of examples related to this topic; however, there are three main precedents that occurred in the story.…show more content…
However, later on during Clay’s investigation to reveal the secluded truth, the reality of the Dragon Chronicles was revealed and it had a much deeper meaning than what the world initially believed. After Mr. Penumbra’s explanation of why Clark Moffat’s codex vitae was conserved in the world’s most secret library, Clay thought to himself, “the third volume blows middle school minds because it’s a total curve ball. The tone shifts… the plot goes of the trail and began to obey some hidden logic. People always assumed that Clark Moffat was doing psychedelic drugs, but the truth was even stranger”(Sloan 196). The release of the book initiated the misconception of people pertaining to the thought that Clark Moffat was mentally ill; however, in reality, the book was a codex vitae made to decode Manutius’ book of life. Furthermore, Clark Moffat found the other message in the book of life, that the key to immortality is one’s name and characteristics mentioned in a story which will live forever. In conclusion, humans are a superior race, advancing towards the future every day, however, despite people's ability to understand reasons, humans continue not look beyond the presented appearance to perceive the reality, similar to the precedent of the Dragon Chronicles which occurred in the
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