Clay Soil Stabilization : Treatment Procedures That Are Available For Stabilizing Expansive Essay

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Treatment procedures that are available for stabilizing expansive soilsinclude:
• Prewetting:
Prewetting is based on the theory that increasing the moisture content in theexpansive foundation soils will cause heave to occur prior to constructionand thereby eliminate problems afterward (Chen, 1975).
• Moisture Control:
Moisture control methods are applied around the perimeter of structures inan attempt to minimize edge wetting or drying of foundations (Das, 1990).
• Soil Replacement:
Removal of expansive soils and replacement with nonexpansive soils is onemethod to provide stable foundation material (Nelson and Miller, 1992).
• Compaction Control:
Expansive soils expand very little when compacted at low densities and highwater contents, but expand greatly when compacted at high densities andlow water contents ( Abduljauwad, 1993; Chen, 1975).
• Chemical Stabilization:
Chemical additives, such as lime, cement, fly ash, and other chemicalcompounds, have been used in soil stabilization for many years at various degrees of success. The effectiveness of these additives depends on the soilconditions, stabilizer properties, and type of construction (i.e. houses, roads, etc.). The selection of a particular additive depends on costs, benefits,availability, and practicality of its application (Al-Rawas et al. 2002).
Wood ash was used to stabilize the clay soilin this study and a few in quantity of lime is also used in this study.
3.1 Wood Ash

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