Clear Quartz Research Paper

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Whoever said the cure for anything is saltwater must not have ever indulged in a crystal-infused cocktail. Just as powerful as they are beautiful, crystals are a natural way to add vitality to our everyday lives. When used properly, and with intention, crystals can truly be the cure for anything, much like the aforementioned saltwater. We often associate the power of crystals being harnessed within jewelry—like crystal pendants—or through the use of crystal grids and altars. Now, though, there's another interesting way to tap into the energy of crystals, and it's likely one you've never considered. Crystals can be served up inside our favorite classic cocktails—or mocktails—as a new way to refresh, and energize our spirits. Become a “mindful mixologist,” and craft crystal infused conscious cocktails based on your intention, or choose a theme. Crystals can be used to provide a sense of calming, to offer empowerment, love, abundance, and success. So,…show more content…
So, drink clear, think clear—clear quartz is said to provide clarity, and aid in focus. Clear quartz is also a great stone to turn to when you need to hit the reset button on your vibrations, and spiritual energy. The Spirit Science suggests letting your crystal sit in a pitcher, or glass, of water at least an hour or two, if not overnight. This process, according to The Spirit Science, is said to “create an energetic infusion with the Water and the structure of the water will align energetically to the vibration of the Crystals.” Summer of Love Hoping to attract some summer love this year? Connect with your heart chakra, and opt for Energy Muse's Rose Quartz Lemon Spritzer. Rose quartz is the ultimate go to crystal for anyone looking for a dose of love. It's bound to be as refreshing and revitalizing for your body as it is for love—of all kinds!—unconditional love, self love, family love, and romantic love.
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