Clearl Jacoby: Women Of Saudi Women

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I Believe Jacoby’s intended audience are both male and female, he is letting women know they have rights. Drastic measures may just have to be taken to fight for those rights. By sticking together it can be possible. Once these women overcome their fight to freedom they will be undefeated. The essay in my opinion is also a warning to males that they should never underestimate a woman, to show them all the challenges women face to be treated equally. Jacoby Is comparing how Oprah Is an influential woman among some of the most disempowered women of Saudi Arabia. How Oprah became a self made billionaire and the women Of Saudi are mostly unemployed. How Oprah was able to overcome her struggle, and the women of Saudi still struggle for the same cause. The common ground they both share Is that they come from nothing a place where they have no authority no say In decision making. They are abused just for being women. …show more content…

The organization is effective for this essay because it is easier to understand who he Is talking about when comparing. We know that “they” Is more than one person and when he says “they” he Is talking about the Saudi women. When he mentions “she” he Is talking about Oprah, It’s easier to distinguish as you read along. The main point of Jacoby’s comparison Is to show how women of different cultures struggle for the same rights, It may be a different struggle due to religion yet the same cause. Jacoby was really direct at paragraph ten, when he describes Oprah’s struggles at the beginning Of her existence. He says “she was sexually molested as a child, and ran away from home as a young teen.” Still having experienced all that she did as a young girl she still managed to become influential to others around the world. He also incorporates In paragraph four why she Is famous to Saudi women “She Is famous for her message of confidence, self improvement, and spiritual

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