Susan B. Anthony 's Speech On Women 's Rights

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Susan B. Anthony is considered one of the most influential female characters in the history of the United States, mainly, for her leading role in ending discrimination against women. Moreover, Susan’s arrest for casting an illegal vote in the presidential election of 1872 fueled her even more to fight for women’s rights until her last breath. As a result of this indictment, Susan gave her phenomenal speech on women’s right to vote, that did not only play a major role in ending discrimination against women, but also leaving its prints on the Constitution of the United States. Throughout her speech, Susan uses Aristotelian appeals, which are logos, ethos and pathos, to deliver her message in a dominant and impactful way, which successfully changed the minds of most, if not all, Americans who previously viewed women as inferior. The phraseology mentioned in Susan’s speech was exceedingly powerful and emotionally loaded that it was able to actuate certain emotions. These words were cable of immersing the audience, mainly the male citizen, in the exact same situation as women; and as a result, being sympathizing with them. Susan dramatizes the society in which men treat women as “an odious aristocracy” and “[the most] hateful oligarchy of sex … ever established on the face of the globe” She then implies that this type of government “which makes father, brothers, husband, sons the oligarchs over the mother and sisters, the wife and daughters” cannot be endured, since women are
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