Climate Change And Global Warming

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The terms climate change and global warming have caused much confusion. Climate change is the change in global or regional climate patterns. Global warming is the idea that the world is being heated by a few degrees every year brought on by an increase in carbon dioxide levels from the growing use of fossil fuels. Together these two issues have begun to change the habitats as humanity knows them and could devastate the world if allowed to continue. Many studies support the idea of the changing climate, and people now realize the significance of the issue. The US Government and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as many governmental agencies around the world, have released many bulletins on changes that are currently taking place. Each has projected that it will only continue to escalate to the point that humankind will have a minuscule chance of survival. Many people resist the idea that people are causing the shut-down of the climates. Climate change is now a much-debated topic in political circuits. Scientific studies have again and again concluded the climate change is a measurable reality. Opponents continue to profess the cold snaps, ironically predicted by the generally accepted models, are proof that climate change does not exist. Many still resist idea that the venting of chemicals common in spray can propellants and refrigeration is breaking down the ozone layer that protects us from radiation in the atmosphere. Some scientists refuse to accept that

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