Climate Change And Its Consequences For Humanity

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Climate Change and Its Consequences for Humanity Climate Change is one of the

most significant international problems of the XXI century on a planetary scale. The

rapid growth of the overall dynamics of disasters is observed in recent decades and

causes particular concerns. Climate change that is happening by natural means is

accompanied by global warming caused by ill-conceived human activities. Climate

change is not a simple increase of temperature. The term "global climate change" has a

much broader meaning and is a restructuring of all geosystems on the planet while

warming is just one of its aspects. According to the observations, global sea level

gradually rises, glaciers and permafrost are melting, precipitations are distributed more

unevenly, and the flow regime of the rivers has changed. In addition, there are other

global changes, which are directly linked to climate instability. Consequences of climate

change are already noticeable and show up in the increasing intensity and frequency of

severe weather events, as well as in the spread of potentially dangerous infectious

diseases. Thus climate changes not only pose a threat to the stable existence of

ecosystems and the global economy, but also are mortally dangerous for life and health of


The fact of the existence of global climate change is no longer in any doubt.

According to meteorological observations, "over the last century the average temperature

on the planet has

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