Climate Change Brings Great Risk For World Wide Security

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In addressing the facts that the “Pentagon is unveiling that climate change brings great risk for world wide security” (Banerjee, Hennigan, 2014). As the Pentagon analyst I take great pride in giving the conclusion that we as a society needs to take climate change seriously. In the Pentagon plan they are taking great preparation so they can be cost effective. In the article they are using satellite images that portray that the “southwestern countries have hot spots that could carry high levels of methane that can become hazardous” for humans and animals health issues (Banerjee, Hennigan, 2014). Corresponding to the article it seems like they are trying to stop the founding to the Pentagon which I have the confidence in using all of our resources that we as a whole nation can help slow down the global warming. The general issue of climate change is that no one really wants to learn about it, until it effects there home town. By this phase learning about climate change will be too late, and after the event. In the article “glaciers will most defiantly disappear by the middle of century and add to rising sea levels, expert warns, the issues with climate change that it doesn’t affect one thing it causes risk of sudden avalanches of rocks and soil released from the ice, and the major affect that it will make sea levels rise by the effects of glaciers melting” (Jowit, 2009). According, to Juliette Jowit “man- made emissions, are the leading cause for glaciers melting, sea

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