Climate Change Essay

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The Association of Climate Endangered Countries (ACEC) represents countries all over the world whose populations have or will be drastically impacted by climate change. With sea levels rising about a millimeter per year multiple countries and millions of people are in danger, not only due to being submerged but also major flooding, storms, and erosion. For some coastal cities new drains and rising roads may be a short term solution, however for island the battle may already be lost. Tens of millions of ACEC citizens may be without homes and countries due to them being uninhabitable. There is no way to stop or reverse the rising levels the only option left is relocation. A refugee is normally someone classified as a person fleeing from a …show more content…

Countries are also responsible for accommodating to these climate refugees because of their own hand in global warming, due to the effects of industrialization. In the past 200 years, major countries have industrialized and become hydrocarbon societies which center around the use of fossil fuels that releases carbon dioxide and methane into the air. These gases are linked to the effects of global warming and therefore the destruction of these other countries. The impacts of global warming felt and observed have been accelerated and are directly correlated to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Every developed country around the world has played a had in regards to the increased gases in the air and the majority have not felt the direct effects of it but put someone else live at risk due to it. For that reason, developed climate-stable countries that have had a hand in the increase in gases in the atmosphere not only have a moral responsibility because they are in a better situation than climate refugees; but also due to the fact that they have played a role in destroying their countries. Countries that take in climate refugees may also benefit from the influx of people demographically and economically. By letting the refugees enter developed countries now there it will be less likely that a massive forced migration wave will come into the country that they are not ready for. However, if refugees are allowed to trickle in the developed country

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