Climate Change : Global Warming

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The earth as we know it is steadily changing. Weather its evolution, technology, weather or our environment, nothings is what it used to be. Climate is a major factor that is changing. This has been going on for quite some time yet, not taken seriously. Our planet has been much warmer in the past 2 centuries then ever before and scientist are working frantically to reduce this trend,
During winter, we expect low temperatures, longer nights and snow and in the contrary, during summer we expect shorter nights and higher temperatures. As the world expands, everything else changes within it especially our season temperatures. these changes are referred to as Climate Change. Precipitation, wind patterns, heat waves are all effected by climate change. Another term closely associated and similar to this is called Global Warming, Global warming is considered one aspect of climate changer and basically revolves around the increasing average globally of the earths temperature by gases emitted in the air( The earth is receiving a higher level in gases. These elements are becoming more abundant than usual thus is the main reason as to why our climate is warming up drastically. Changes like these are dangerous and can lead to catastrophic events in our planet over the next hundred years.
Scientists that have been observing climate changes over the last century have noted that global warming is the effect of the human population 's overly excessive usage of carbon

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