Climate Change : Global Warming Essay

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A big question is climate change a hazard to future generations? Climate change is and always will be a hazard to future generations and not just for human beings, but for all kinds of species. The comprehension to accept it, is a hazard that species that cannot adapt to the change in climate are more likely become extinct. Luckily, human beings are masters of adaptability. Because our own evolution is a reason for climate change and our capability to adapt. After all, the hazards are always there should we ever fail to adapt fast enough. Our climate is always changing, both naturally and due to human effect on the environment. There were already beyond doubt, proof that animals, birds, and plants are being affected by climate change.
What is climate change, some may ask? Climate change is a worldwide problem where the normal world temperature becomes greater. Climate Change is also, known as global warming. "Even if there were no increase at all in greenhouse gases, the current greenhouse gas concentration represents a commitment to further temperature increase and sea level rise due to the delay in the release into the atmosphere of energy stored in the oceans.” (Wright, 2017) The increase in worldwide temperatures results in the planet 's natural climate control system having to ever make adjustments because of the effects the environment most overcome to balance the economy. The Ocean Circulation is a system of connections of ocean currents which carry water all around

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