Climate Change Has Changed Our Ecosystem

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Climate Change depleted Water Resources and resulted in a shortage of access to water in some areas of the world
Maryam Yaqoob

Water makes up about 60% of human body weight and constitute about 70% of the earth. Nonetheless, the demands on water greatly exceed the supply and soon enough the world will run into serious problems. Since the industrial revolution, human footprint has increased exponentially. Population explosion and the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emission have affected our whole ecosystem. The world is already witnessing the devastating effects of climate change. Climate change has had a great impact on quality and the quantity of water resources. Climate Change has resulted in desertification, decrease in …show more content…

Nonetheless, desertification is not the only phenomena affecting land degradation. Deforestation, a phenomenon where forests are destroyed (Edwards, 2005). Nonetheless, the process of deforestation is partially due to Climate change, humans has cut down trees and contribute to the deforestation. It is arguable that that deforestation has led to lands becoming vulnerable to desertification (Edwards, 2005). This is prevalent especially in places where the land is exposed to high temperatures and prolonged direct sun exposure. Based on these evidences, climate change has resulted in a drought and shortage of water supply in some regions of the world (Edwards, 2005).
Although it might seem that Global warming has resulted in an abundance of water supply as the result of excessive precipitation and floods in some areas of the world. Nonetheless, large sections of the world are under the risk of having a shortage in fresh water supply. The average snowfall has decreased in many areas of the world (Paul A O 'Gorman, 2014). Fluctuations in rainfall and snowfall cycles disrupt the availability of water for irrigation (Frederick & Major, 1997). Decreased snowfall results in decreased snowmelt in the subsequent summer, which results in a decrease in the content of the water stream. Some fresh water rivers acquire their stream from mountain snowmelt. The fluctuation in precipitations and flooding makes it harder to exploit these resources. Dooms and water reservoirs operate on

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