Climate Change Has Proved Inadequate On Many Levels

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1 Past The response to climate change has proved inadequate on many levels. Partially this is because the issue requires scientific literacy that many simply do not possess, allowing leaders to underplay or ignore the danger since the public is not able to analyze the issues, and giving opportunity for groups such as gas companies to wield their considerable clout in favor of what benefits business instead of the environment. Furthermore, because of the large scale of climate change, the consequences are hard to see and the blame can be pushed around. Accordingly, climate change is highly-politicized, and cannot be addressed factually without upsetting one group or another. Whether or not climate change exists may be a difficult question to answer to the satisfaction of some individuals, but it is still not a political question; treating it as such means leaving the potential danger unexamined. In light of this unfortunate reality, there is a rather obvious solution: disconnecting climate change from its political implications. This has already been done effectively in some places. For instance, one of the few success stories of combating climate change comes from Greensburg, Kansas, a small town that won the Siemens Sustainable Cities Award for rebuilding a town almost entirely run on renewables, where the issue of climate change was reframed in terms of the conservative values of the citizens. [*] Where the rhetoric of fighting big companies and saving the

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