Climate Change : The Paris Agreement Essay

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On the 12th of December 2015, over 190 countries came together to make an agreement to tackle climate change. On this historic day these countries formed what is known as the Paris Agreement. The central idea behind the Paris Agreement is getting every country to lower their emissions and move to green energy to help lower the temperature of the earth. The most popular ways countries will achieve this move to green energy is through wind and solar technology. Wind generators work by converting the kinetic energy it gains from the wind into mechanical power. The mechanical power that is produced is then sent to an inverter where it is transformed into electricity. Solar power generators work similarly by converting the photons that come from the sun into electrons of direct current electricity. These electrons then flow out of the solar panel into an inverter. Inside the inverter, the direct current power is converted into electricity. These types of renewable energy are called intermittent, because they are not constantly providing power. This means that sufficient storage of this energy is crucial for the times when it is not producing any energy. Batteries are commonly used to store this energy that may be used in the future. Batteries are able to store energy because they have a positive terminal and a negative terminal which if connected, a circuit is formed. When this circuit is formed electrons will flow through the wire and a current of electricity will be produced.

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