Climatic And Environmental Importance Of Wood Construction

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Construction industry is one of the oldest economy of the world and it use 40% of the resources which are taken out of the earth every year. Since ancient time wood has been one of the most widely used construction material which is only second to stone. Being a natural resource makes wood one of the most economical construction material also from a perspective of environment wood construction is eco-friendlier. Using wood for construction has two major climatic and environment effect. Firstly, material made of wood such as beam, trusses, furniture etc. act as a carbon storage. Secondly, the use of wood over other energy intensive material such as steel and concrete which are made from non-renewable raw materials which cause massive amount of CO2 emission during their production; wood is certainly favorable. Wood has also lower embodied energy content than competing structural materials. Apart of the ecological benefits a building designed using wood is substantial lighter than a building designed using steel and concrete. Heavy timber members have a compressive strength which is quite close to concrete and therefore could be used effectively to replace concrete.
The building codes are rapidly changing all over the world and with the advent of new engineering technologies the designers and architects have started realizing the potential of wood high rise construction. Many European countries have begun to taken steps to promote wood as a construction material. USDA is also
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