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The name cloud computing originated as the internet was drawn as cloud in network figures. Cloud Computing means operating tasks on the internet remotely in some public cloud which are commercial provider's data center. Some popular examples are Salesforce's CRM system, Amazon Web Services. Google Cloud Platform etc. To be exact, cloud computing is nothing but a mass management of data center resources as groups of software and their virtualization. It is basically utilizing the virtual machine for services and the main advantage is capability of moving, easy computation, storage and availability of network resources as the task needs and pre existence of services that are required. The another reason why it is preferred by lots of …show more content…

Public clouds are multi-tenant architecture and has pay as you go system. Some of the top vendors are Microsoft Azure, AWS etc. In this kind of model, a third party provider makes resources to public through the internet. The users do not have to set up or maintain their own cloud servers in the house. The hybrid model has the capacity of cloud bursting and has benefits of both the private and public models. This model has both the private cloud and third party public cloud services. Rouse, M. (2017, July). Though there are these kinds of model, the users tend to choose multi-cloud model. This is utilization of two or more clouds. The benefit of this kind of was of operating is that they can easily migrate between the clouds and minimize the risk of service outage. According to a survey around 61 % of users use multi cloud models.

There are three main categories of cloud computing services. They are SaaS known as software as a service, IaaS known as infrastructure as a service, PaaS known as platform as a service and FaaS known as function as a service.

SaaS (Software as a service)
This type of public cloud computing provides applications through the internet. Most of the enterprise application follows SaaS model. This model provides both extensive configuration and also the development environment where the customers can code and make modifications and additions.

IaaS(Infrastructure as a

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