Cloud Computing Is The Best Option For The Libraries Essay

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The emerge of the cloud computing is becoming one of the most important virtual technologies. Cloud computing enables organizations to solve more complex tasks and services. The application of the cloud platform makes organizations more cost effective and simplify complicated workloads. The development of this technology has brought a dramatic change in every field. The use of the cloud computing in the library system has achieved a significant success. Libraries have also started adopting this technology, which involves delivering hosted service over the web. Managers now spend less money on the development and procurement of computing resources and peripherals. Cloud computing is the best option for the libraries to solve the above mentioned problem. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a practice of storing, collecting and sharing data and resources through web-based tools. It connects many computers together and forms a bigger computer. The biggest characteristic of cloud technology is flexibility. This refers to the ability of system adapting and scale to change in workload. Cloud computing can automatically provision and deprovision information to ensure it satisfies the latest resource demands (Interoute, What is Cloud Computing). There are different levels of security and management requirements that fit almost all the companies. Cloud computing can be private, public and hybrid. Private cloud computing is data from business center deliver to internal
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