Cloud Of Things : Integration, Architecture, Applications And Future

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Cloud of Things: Integration, Architecture, Applications and Future By Ashis Kumar Saha Abstract 1. Introduction The future of computing is a collection of data generated by computer enabled objects or things and we rely on the information gathered to make our lives easier with the data acquired. Thus Internet of things came into existence where the objects or Things try to understand their surroundings and retain the data. These objects or things are connected to servers over the Internet. Cloud computing on the other hand, helps in making, developing, testing, deploying, running and maintaining applications over the internet. Cloud computing coupled with Internet of Things can give more efficient results using lesser resources and making the most of the resources used. (Aazam, Khan et al. 2014, Botta, De Donato et al. 2014) A. Cloud Computing Cloud computing has now become a competitor to traditional IT because of how cheap it is and that it is based on “pay-as-you-go” service just like electricity or gas. There has been a great increase in the migration of businesses into cloud. Cloud has its down side but the advantages are higher and almost negate the downsides. Some of these advantages are resource availability on demand, pay as you go, hardware utilization is better and more efficient, no in house losses with respect to hardware and since there is no hardware involved the maintenance is low too. Cloud computing is drawn-out from distributed computing,
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