Running Head : Cloud Computing

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RUNNING HEAD: CLOUD COMPUTING CLOUD COMPUTING [NAME OF STUDENT] [COURSE CODE] [NAME OF TEACHER] [DATE] Introduction Cloud computing is a significant advancement in the technology that cab widely be used in all types of organizations; either big or small. We have entered in the technological era where organization is represented by the type of cloud computing it uses. It influences the functioning and operations of the organization in many ways, encompassing the human resources, stakeholders, processes and strategies, and the inter-linked systems. When on one hand it has many advantages, including effective management and proper distribution of information over the internet, it can turn out to be disastrous as well. It adds to…show more content…
For this purpose, the companies are required to have such characteristics that provide definite, reliable, and trustworthy information networking, management, and security around the entire organization and towards the external entities, including stakeholders. 1. Technical Skills: The organization must have the skills and expertise, along with trained and experienced staff that can manage the technical and technological necessities of the organization’s system, thus facilitating in host, control and management of cloud. 2. Negotiation with Vendor/Service Provider: This is applicable in the organizations which have been taking services from third party or vendors. The service level agreements with these entities need to be modified and even renewed on regular basis. This characteristic of any organization will be helpful in instances when the day-to-day operations of the company related to cloud computing are being influenced or need changes (Fortis, Munteanu & Negru, 2012). 3. Data Integration: Once cloud is developed, it needs to be integrated into the organization’s system. 4. Enterprise Architecture and Business Needs Assessment: This is a subsequent procedural step that has to be implemented and practiced throughout the process of cloud computing. It involves analyzing the service oriented architecture or organizational structure of the company and covers inspection of all internal as well as external
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