Cloud Computing Security Threats And Responses

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Introduction I selected a paper named “Cloud Computing Security Threats and Responses” by “Farzad Sabahi”. In this paper he summarizes reliability, availability, and security issues for cloud computing (RAS issues), and propose feasible and available solutions for some of t hem. And he discusses cloud security issues and finally he tries to find solutions for against cloud security problems Internet has been developing very rapidly in wide range. It has become available and accessible for everyone. However, other issues such as storage size, the power consumed by equipment and hardware cost have been constantly increasing. The storage space in data center is no longer meeting our increasing demands. The innovation of cloud computing has emerged in an attempt to solve these and other environmental problems. This make software even more attractive as a service and shaping the way hardware is designed and purchased. According to Architectural requirements for cloud computing systems: An enterprise cloud approach, “The overarching goal of Cloud Computing is to provide on-demand computing services with high reliability, scalability, and availability in distributed environments. Despite this common goal, Cloud Computing has been described in many different ways and no standard definition has been adopted until now.” Why Security is very important? security risk management and solutions within cloud computing should be studied very well and in wide range to address these
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