Clutch City Beard Man Analysis

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Deep in the heart of Clutch City Beard Man lives in his lair. A message brought from Sir Beverly Interrupted him from his training. He came with great urgency he told Beard Man “The Splash Brothers took the “The Crazy light Boost’ He was shocked “how could you let that slip away from us” He boomed. “How shall we get it back, sir” he Avowed. Beard Man declared “I shall make a quest a quest to the west a quest to Oracle the home Of the Baby Faced assassin and his splash brother.” he asked “Don’t you mean us sir.” “No! He beamed you have done enough already I will set out tomorrow at dusk you stay her and protect the clutch city.

The sun has just peaked over the horizon and it was time for Beard Man to set out for his Journey. He thought to himself when I get my hands on the Splash Brothers they will not even go near Clutch City ever again.

He traveled through the forest across the dead deserts, flew over the bold lakes until they …show more content…

They all had something stolen from them, Beard man had his crazy light boost shoes, The splash brothers had their power ring taken away, and the betrayer he also had his power ring taken away. The four of them traveled the road to go defeat King James. When they arrived to his castle there he was glaring at them from his throne. Beard man spotted the crazy light boost right under his chair along with all the rings. “Well , Well , Well look what we have here.” The king gloomed. The four of them said “give us our stuff back or we will get it ourselves.” There was a moment of silence and King James stood up pulled the stuff out from under the throne put it in front of him and whispered “if you can”. The splash brothers blasted him with water Beardman flew and shot him with the fire cannons and the betrayer gave him the finishing punch. All of them grabbed their things but,as they made their way to the door King james said “did you think it would be that

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