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Dry coal separation with the air dense medium fluidized bed (ADMFB) is an effective method for coal utilization and environmental protection. In this study, feed particles with various components were adjusted by controlling the number of middle density particles (Gmiddle). The separation performance of the feed particles with various components was theoretically analyzed. The separation results were directly related to the gas velocity, bed height, and Gmiddle. The mathematical model between the mismatch rate (ε) and above factors was further established by the regression analysis. The separation results indicated that the feed particles with more Gmiddle have a negative effect on the density stability and could be removed from the bed …show more content…

In recent years, many research studies have been conducted on dry coal separation technology such as the compound dry cleaning separator (FGX dry separator), air jig, reflux classifier, and air dense medium fluidized bed (ADMFB) [17–19]. Because of the advantages of high gas–solid contact efficiency, the fluidized bed has been widely investigated in catalytic cracking [20], drying [21], combustion [22], and other chemical industries, which have a significant effect on the chemical, environmental, and metallurgical industry around the world. As the novel application of the fluidized bed in the mineral field, ADMFB would significantly enrich the theory and application of the fluidized bed. At present, many studies on the ADMFB were conducted including the feed particle size, bubble behavior, density fluctuation, and air distributor characteristics. Meanwhile, ADMFB have been widely used for other minerals separation, for example, Oshitani et al. studied iron ore separation by the ADMFB [23–25]. In particular, ADMFB researched by the China University of Mining and Technology has been successfully used in -50 + 6 mm coal separation with a probable error (E) of 0.05. Moreover, the first industrial dry coal preparation plant was established in Xinjiang, China [26]. As a main factor, feed particle characteristic has been investigated by several scholars. Lv et al. reported that the high-density

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