The Effect Of Hydraulic Fracking On The Oil And Gas Industry

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Introduction Hydraulic Fracking is an oil and gas extraction process used in the past 60 years. The process consists of drilling the underground until reach a shale layer, and them a high-pressure fracking fluid is injecting in this hole to fracture the rock underground, which will provide oil and gas to be extracted. As a huge extraction process it requires large quantities of water, sand and chemicals, which are to produce the fracking fluid, and in most of the cases all this water and chemicals are through away causing a huge environmental impacts. Although, all those environmental issues, the oil and gas industry will not stop its production due to it high productivity and cost benefit, so alternative processes have been developed to treat this water and chemicals used in the fracking process. The purpose of this report is to analyse the effectiveness and viability of those methods. In order to this purpose, articles will provide information of general conceptions about the importance of the hydraulic fracking to the oil and gas industry; the environmental impacts caused by hydraulic fracking and possible solutions to reduce those impacts. The importance of fracking process to oil and gas industry. The currently world, based in a capitalistic system, has a huge concern of in the economy growth. With the increase of the economy, a government can bring several benefits to the society. This big bother to the development made the oil and gas industry one of the largest

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