Coby: A Tragic Hero

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So Coby got his fishing gear ready thinking it was a wonderful day to catch some Big fish and what he didn't check before boarding his boat was if it was actually his boat he was on and that day was when he knew he fucked up. Yeah it would've been great if the boat he boarded on was another fishers one but nope it had to be a dangerous pirate crew's. He had no choice but to submit his life to these pirates or else who wouldn't see another day of sun light but he still was crying inside hoping that one day he might escape and join the marines as soon as possible because that was his dream.

After a long time of suffering under Alvida and her pirates it was his lucky day that a man who was in a barrel saved him by beating up these pirates. It was a stroll in the park to that pirate who was Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy actually hated Coby for being such a weak hearted person it actually pissed him off a lot but Coby was …show more content…

Coby just couldn't be calm and lost his cool as luffy and a little girl went up to Zoro to feed him some riceballs the kid made with her whole heart and in comes the spoiled brat Helmeppo the son of captain Morgan, who was the head of thaf marine base. Luffy freed Zoro, beat up Captain Morgan and left with his first mate. And it was that snot nosed brat who would become Coby's best friend in the near future. These two had become close friends after they were handed over to Garp. They thought that it would be easy but it was all cleaning everyday. Later on Garp taught them some martial art techniques and trained them every day. It was work work and work nonstop. Coby didn't just train his body but he took his only free time which was sleep to use it on training his brain by reading

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