Coca Cola And The Soft Drink Manufacturing Market

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The primary industry Coca-Cola is in the Soft Drink Manufacturing market consisting of different types of soft drinks with its target being at mainly restaurants and grocery stores across the United States. Varieties of coke include serves different coke flavors such as original, vanilla, cherry, and caffeine free. Even though these different types of Coca-Cola products are sold as consumer products, they serve as a core component for other types of soft drink products, including non-carbonated and concentrated juices. The soft drink industry has been positioned Coca-Cola products of all kinds. Coca-Cola’s market for the original coke consists of consumers of all types who are looking for the original best tasting product ever existed in the history of soft drinks. The president of Coca-Cola announced a new way of executing a plan to approach modern-day marketing. The Coca-Cola Company continues to pioneer new ways to provide for the well-being of its consumers which is mainly young adults to middle-aged people. There are two interconnected teams that are working on executing Coke’s planned approach to real-time marketing, which are the Hub and the Hustle. The Hub is a network of twenty three customer interaction centers around the world that is linked to an Atlanta-based hub which analyzes social conversations about the Coca-Cola products. The other team, the Hustle, a development team that operates similar to that of a newsroom to create and distribute newsworthy,
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