Coco Cola a Marketing Perspective

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COCA-COLA MARKETING A PROJECT REPORT PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING ANJALI AHUJA B.COM (HONS.) IIIRD YR SECTION A ROLL NO. 7222 SIRAV TALWAR B.COM (HONS.) IIIRD YR SECTION A ROLL NO. 7217 1 INTRODUCTION The History Coca-cola was first introduced by John Syth Pemberton, a pharmacist, in the year 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia when he concocted caramel- coloured syrup in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard Dr Pemberton was skilled doctor and his chemistry work was of high quality. He developed chemical laboratories that were later state run analytical facilities. But he never realised the potential of Coca Cola. There were his successors that developed Coca Cola in the brand it is today. Until 1905 the soft drink …show more content…

Plan of the study Coca-cola is one of the world’s largest beverages selling company. Its business and operations are extended all over the world. I have undertaken this project to look into the coca-cola company and its marketing perspective. 3 The reason for taking up this project is that I wanted to know the marketing strategy, advertising policy, marketing mix, market positioning, and market share of such a huge company. The promotional activities and the advertising policies always attracted my attention. I wanted to know how coca-cola manages its business affairs and operations all over the world so successfully. I wanted to know whether the market strategy helped cocacola in running successfully over such a long period of time. But there were certain limitations as well. There are many aspects of the company on which a wide research could have been done but due to lack of available time and a constraint on word limit, the study could not be done. Lack of availability of data was another such constraint 4 COCA-COLA MARKETING PERSPECTIVE MARKETING Coca Cola advertising targets youth of all generations who want to enjoy life and have fun. Because of its longevity, the youth targeted twenty, thirty or forty years ago is no longer young but it feels like they are still young when with Coke. To name just a

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