Coca Cola and Lynx Marketing Essay

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Coca Cola and Lynx Marketing Introduction We have been given a work placement with a local marketing firm who have accounts with a number of clients. Each client is engaged at various stages in the product development process. We are to analyse two products of our choice then propose and suggest appropriate segmentation criteria, then for one of those products devise a suitable marketing mix. We are also to describe how aspects of buyer behaviour can impact on the consumers in the target markets. Task 1 The two products we have chosen are, Coca Cola and Lynx male body deodorant, for these two products we will recommend appropriate segmentation criteria. The purpose for segmenting a…show more content…
Due to this research Marketers can respond a lot more effectively to increases from competition by defining customer's needs. By defining customers needs the decision makers of an organisation can define objectives and allocate resources a lot more efficiently. Coca Cola and Lynx More than a billion times every day, thirsty people around the world reach for Coca-Cola products for refreshment. Their promise to the consumer is to deliver the highest possible quality. It involves a worldwide, yet distinctively local, network of bottling partners, suppliers, distributors and retailers whose success is paramount to their own. Lynx values the total deodorant market at €38.4 million. Male deodorant sales are growing by 5.0% p/a. Lynx dominates the male deodorant market with a 52% value share, and with men now becoming much more image aware these figures are sure to increase in the future. A SWOT analysis is a useful means of examining the relationship between an organisation and its marketing: Coca-cola Strengths: Is the pioneer of the soft drink industry also they are the benchmark to which all over companies in the market operate. They work on a broad worldwide basis. Weaknesses: Is considered to be unhealthy in an ever conscious health
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