Code Of Conduct And Conduct

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NEA Code of Conduct vs. NAEYC Code of Conduct
The NEA code of conduct and the NAEYC code of conduct, were created for the same purpose, to demonstrate the ethical principles that teachers have to uphold in their job. Although they are different, their overall principles are basically the same. It is the teacher’s job to respect all parties involved in a child’s education and they must do no harm to the child. The teacher is responsible for all aspects of the child’s education and making sure that child has what he or she needs to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Educators, whether they are principals, teachers or para educators are responsible for upholding these ethical values.
These two codes of conduct are very different. First of all the NEA Code of Conduct is very short compared to the NAEYC code of conduct, and it only includes educators commitment to the child and their commitment to the profession, which combines educators responsibilities to their community and their colleagues. I think the NEA condensed their code of ethics because they wanted it to me something easy and short, so teachers may refer to and remember their code of ethics. The teacher won’t be inclined to say, “that document is too long, I don’t have time search through this to know if I am doing the right thing”. However, the NAEYC code of conduct separates each category of ethical responsibilities an educator must uphold. They focus on early childhood, but they still focus on the child,…

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