North Carolina Code Of Ethics

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The North Carolina Code of Ethics can be described as a constitution for fellow educators. The purpose of the North Carolina Code of Ethics is to guarantee a secure, honest, and professional environment for both students and teachers. As the Code of Ethics states, “The educator strives to maintain the respect and confidence of colleagues, students, parents and legal guardians, and the community, and to serve as an appropriate role model”. In the North Carolina Code of Ethics there are three categories an educator must commit to. The categories are as followed, Commitment to the Student, Commitment to the School and School System, and Commitment to the Profession. The category that stood out the most to me was the Commitment to the …show more content…

Of course, my parents were also my role models but there was a difference between my parents and my teachers. Being a daughter of immigrant parents had its obstacles. For example, when it came to completing my assignments I struggled because of my parent’s low proficiency in the English language. I was not receiving the assistance and support that I should have been of receiving. Having a positive and strong relationship with my teachers facilitated my decision to seek for the assistance I needed. My teachers never looked down on me or embarrassed me because I could not grasp the material at the same pace as the other students. They understood my situation and offered my family and I the assistance we needed to best aid in my success in accomplishing my work and contributing to the learning environment of the classroom. I was never given any kind of privilege or special treatment. I always worked diligently to thrive in my courses. Without that strong and positive relationship with my teachers I would have never found the motivation and inspiration to continue with my education through grade school and attend a four-year institution. Commitment to the School and School system is a category that intrigued me. The code that I was fond of the most was code B which stated that teachers must work collectively not only with one another but also with the parents in the community, and the students. It is fascinating because of the knowledge and experience

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