Code Of Ethics For The Point And Click Corporation

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Code of Ethics

The code of ethics for the Point and Click Corporation serves as the foundation for the Network Architecture Department’s philosophy. The objective is to achieve the highest level of business standards and professional conduct. The principle of the code of ethics is to classify criteria that the company constructed to promote integrity while complying with protocols and applicable laws. The rationale of the code is to reassure responsible measures and good judgement is executed. The Network Architecture Department has a mandatory set of core ethical codes in place they abide by. These codes positon the employees to commit to the values that influence ethical decision making and support the company’s business standards. Ultimately, the team of department heads and staff members have pledged to be accountable for these essential responsibilities.

 Perform all professional duties in accordance with applicable protocols and laws with high standards of ethical principles.
 Design, maintain and secure the system to support the corporation’s financial growth.
 Reserve the integrity, accessibility and dependability of the system.
 Maintain all professional affiliations, technical knowledge, certifications, connected skills and update them regularly.
 Request support or guidance if challenged with a task exceeding a skill level.
 Uphold a secure, healthy and productive department.
 Support and communicate with other IT departments to sustain the

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