The Company 's Code Of Conduct

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Based on the audit report, the Ethics Committee should agree that both Arun and Smita are violating the company’s code of conduct. Then, the company should take actions to deliver the decision to related people. For example, if the decision of the Ethics Committee is to terminate both Arun and Smita, then the committee needs to get the CEO’s approval and start the procedure of termination based on the company’s code of conduct. First, the company will send out a formal written announcement to Arun and Smith of the decision made by the Ethics Committee, as well as the reasons which will be the summary of the audit report. If the company’s code of conduct does not state that employees can appeal after receive their punishment, then Arun and Smith have to leave the company. Of course, they can take legal actions to fight for their rights like sue the Prashanti company . In that case, the legal department and IA team of Prashanti will have to respond. They can solve the problem through mediation or lawsuit case. On the other hand, if the company allows employees to appeal, and Arun and Smith chose to appeal. Then the IA team will respond to the appeal and hold a vote within the company to decided if the company will accept Arun’s and Smith’s appeal or not. The simple result will be Arun and Smith understand that they were wrong and accept the decision. Of course, the whole audit, decision-making, and termination process of the Arun and Smith case was frustrated and

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