Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics, The Hershey’s Company PHL/323 Mission Statement Hershey’s Mission Statement noted here, (Social- Responsibility/Marketplace) “Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day,” Provides the focus of all operations within the Hershey’s Company. Although Hershey’s mission statement provides a simple goal that encompasses acknowledgment of global market share with the sweet moments of happiness provided in every aspect of Hershey’s daily…show more content…
Hershey’s responsibility to its customers involve faith and trust that Hershey’s will continue to provide the highest quality product while continuously striving to develop new and exciting products while maintaining the highest ethical standards in marketing ventures and operational practices. This area of responsibility demonstrates an acknowledgment of consequence based ethics system as neglecting the area of responsibility to customers initiates certain progression to business failure. Consequence-based Ethics is defined by, (Matravers, Matt, 2000, p.12), “Ethics or Consequentialism as” Consequentialism (of which utilitarianism is a particular variety) holds that the justification of any action is to be found in its consequences. A straightforwardly utilitarian theory holds that an act is right only if its consequences are as good as or better than those that would have resulted from any alternative action (including doing nothing)” If a company does not do what success demands failure is the consequence. To The Marketplace Deal fairly with business partners and suppliers to provide mutually beneficial endeavors that enhance the image and profitability of parties involved, while treating all competing companies with the highest respect and fairness. Hershey’s understands that competition benefits everyone as fair and
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