Code's Principles Of Social Justice (ACA)

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As Social Work professionals, what can be done to defend the ACA from efforts to undermine it? For starters, educating public who may have lack of understanding of the ACA. Secondly, Social workers in states where that have failed to create exchanges or extend Medicaid to 133% of the poverty line can lobby their governors and legislators to do so (Gorin, 2013). Another approach would be to oppose any efforts, that will turn Medicaid into a block grant or Medicare into a premium support program (Gorin, 2013). Additional we speaking out against proposals to raise Medicare’s retirement age. Also, oppose efforts to reduce subsidies that will enable low-income individuals to buy health insurance or water down the essential benefits plans must offer (Gorin, 2013). Lastly, Social workers play a critical role with helping the clients to understand the benefits …show more content…

“Helping individuals assert their needs, extends to helping oppressed groups assert their rights collectively, either through community based organizations or broader advocacy groups” (Jansson, 2014). As advocates for clients and a more just society, social workers should do everything in their power to promote awareness to defend the ACA and push the effort for universal coverage forward.
The Codes Principles of Social Justice
The role of social work professionals in aiding those in poverty, is to the Code’s principles of Social Justice. According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), “Beneath this practicality lies a strong value system that can be summarized in two words: social justice. “Social workers can often liaise with advocacy groups in local, state, and national jurisdiction to assist specific vulnerable populations” (Jansson,

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