Cody Case Study

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Strengths: - Cody executes on the strong intro with the team member. This is good for consistency. - He then executes on the strong intro with the client. - After verification, Cody asks open ended questions to find out how he can begin guiding the client. ("what screen are you on now?" - Great execution of the strong close. - Cody then foreshadows a transfer to the mb. Opportunities: - Verify phone number. (13:30) Cody advises the client that he will leave a message with the mb on his behalf. When we do this, we want to ensure we verify the best phone number for a call back--so that we can set our team member up for success. - Foreshadow timeframe of follow up. Cody instructs the client that he will have the mb reach back out to him, however, Cody misses the opportunity to set the expectation of a 24 hour return call policy. We do this to set proper expectations for our client and avoid them calling back in to check on the status of the follow up. - Ownership. Cody misses the opportunity to promptly take the call from the mb. We do this to create a better client experience by minimizing the hold time. It's okay to get clarification from our team member, but as soon as we know the reason for the call, it's our responsibility to get the client on the line. In this case, at :50 Cody educates the mb on how many…show more content…
Once Cody begins guiding the client through e-signing documents, Cody misses a que from the client to continue on with guiding the call. At 8:15 Cody instructs the client to e-sign the current document. At 8:33 the client says "okay," letting Cody know that this has been completed. Cody doesn't respond and the client says "hello?" at 8:38. The client then instructs Cody that he is ready for the next direction. We want to be sure we are actively involved in the guidance of myql calls and responding to everything the client says. This helps to demonstrate that we're listening and makes our calls more
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