Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the oldest and largest coffee and tea distributor in Southern California, was established in 1963. Because of the focus on the quality of products and the handpick raw materials, today, this company has developed more than 1000 stores in global market. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf possesses or franchises stores not only in California, Arizona, and some American locations, but also in Singapore, Malaysia and other 23 international countries. Meanwhile, this franchisee mode is becoming a strategy of the future (“About us,” 2015). On the other hand, nowadays, computers are becoming an inseparable part of our lives. People are using computers searching information, entertaining and purchasing anything. Consequently, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cannot expand the market without the electronic technology. However, when a company is utilizing computers, risks of the data security is an unavoidable issue. Data or information is the kernel of the modern company. Its availability, integrity and confidentiality are basic to the long-term survival of any 21st-century company. Each company need a complete and scientific method to protect its data, otherwise, the company would be weak in front of risks. These risks are not limited to internet companies. In fact, any company that have secret information have to counter with the risks of data security. In a word, both public and private data could be affected by risks. In UK, almost every company run some external guidance or
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