Data Security & Public Administration. Nicole Hill. Brandman

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Data Security & Public Administration Nicole Hill Brandman University Action-Learning-Project-Summer-I-2017-PADU-688-OL1 Abstract (Change this) In this paper we will look at defining the problem of data security and public administration. The reader will see the evidence gathered to get a better understanding of the problem of not securing data when sending it. The reader will learn different alternatives to how they can ensure the data is secure. What makes this a public/non-profit issue (as opposed to a private issue)? What is the significant/relevant history of the issue/problem? What is/are the potential causes of the issue/problem? Why should we care about this issue/problem (why is this issue/problem significant)? This paper…show more content…
Making sure the information is transmitted securely due to the importance of it will be something that the government would have to figure out. Technology with all its greatness was created for us to make a better world for ourselves and our legacies. We have keyless entry for our vehicles; you can for coffee using your phone. The simplest thing like having you garage door open using a link from your vehicle is data security. It is the little things that hackers can use to take over a person, a company or a whole organization. The history of the problem is being able to keep information secure from those who wish to do harm towards the government or the citizens. There are so many moving parts to the government in which data is used to contribute to the necessary. If the information of our citizens were free to be accessed by anyone then we would have a serious problem. Although it is the right of the people to know how they are being affected it is necessary to secure certain information. We go online and we apply to jobs, we turn over everything a person needs to take our identity. As a public official you are like an officer of the courts, and you are expected to be trusted with information, but if your computer is hacked all just became information into the wrong hands. “Research, when misused, may unfairly disadvantage some people”. (Johnson, 2010 pg.220). The significance of paying attention to the problem of not having

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