Coffee Culture : A Beginning Of Coffee

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COFFEE CULTURE A beginning of coffee : The beginning of the coffee is the most famous story in the history of the coffee bean is that they were discovered by goats. Ethiopian legend, Kaldi, a goat herder one day was out with his goats and noticed that they got eating red berries and goats were dancing and excited after eating barries. He thought! this must be good stuff, he also tasted them and also felt a bit excited too. He actually went to a local sufi (Ioosely translated as Islamic Spiritual Master) and told him about the excited goats. The sufi was also bit curious about red barriers and threw the berries into a fire and was delighted by the aromatic smell that came from it ,the birth of roasted coffee At that time. The…show more content…
Even when traveling, the Turks always took their coffee beans and baristas with them. In early 1600s, the first European country that began to import coffee was of course Italy. Back then in Italy, the Venetians were the traders of Europe and often went to Turkey, where they took to the beans. The Turks and Arabs were proud of the bean which back then was only cultivated back then in Yemen. In Italy their popularity spread across to Italy with many coffee houses sprouting up before the end of the 1600’s. In France, coffee was introduced by the Turkish Ambassador, keen to impress the dignitaries with “coffee” parties. However, the first cafe was opened by an Italian around 1686 in Paris. In Austria, the local Turkish Ambassador “again” was known for his hospitality in always serving the lovely black drink to guests, who took to the bean very quickly and started importing it. In the UK, again the Turks were responsible, with a refugee introducing the beautiful black drink,a cafe was opened up in London before 1670. However, they believed that coffee was the first official beverage in the UK, leading to the birth of the modern cafe culture because coffee was only really drunk at cafes and never in the home. However, once tea was discovered in Asia, it quickly replaced coffee – the reason – tea was much easier to brew at home and the English couldn’t be bothered to go through the hassle of making coffee at home. In North
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