Cogan Air Flight Fraud Investigation

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Colgan air flight 3407 was a larger plane and being so needed a lot of materials to investigate the wreckage. Initially once on scene, an investigator would need to call for as many emergency personnel as possible. This is to secure the area which was as big as a mile wide by at least a half mile in length. During this investigators would need personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, and body suits, to protect against any hazards from the wreck including fires and to prevent inhaling toxins. Investigators would need cameras to record the massive amount of evidence and wreckage. Since the plane stalled and spun it went down at a fairly steep angle so the wreckage wouldn’t be strewn in a large area but there is still a lot of evidence…show more content…
This helps see the whole area that was affected and see if there were any skid marks or to see if surrounding areas may have debris. To help correlate all of the information and actions occurring on site a large mobile command center would be needed or possibly multiple ones for multiple agencies. This could be large RVs or large tents set up in the outer perimeter. While investigators are working outside information would be needed to be obtained from places like ATC. This could be useful to find out when the last communications were and if they were encountering an emergency. Radar information would be useful to determine a possible flight path of the plane. While weather information of the crash would be needed since there was a possibility of icing in the area that could have caused complications. Also, check to see if there were any 911 calls from people witnessing the plane go down. Any pilot information that is available would be beneficial to have including hours, training, and any failures in checks. Along with records, any last communications to the pilots would need to be found to help see if the pilots were of sound mind and body before the flight to rule out foul play. After all of this, it would be good to have any aircraft records to make sure maintenance was up to standard and all airworthiness directives were complied
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