Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Plan For Jane

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Course Paper: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Plan for Jane
Tiffany Gyimah

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Plan for Jane
Many like to believe that therapy is simply just a therapist and a client discussing childhood problems. Although that is a small portion of what therapy can be for someone there are so many other aspects to psychotherapy as treatment. Psychotherapy is often suggested for many disorders and has become very effective in improving and healing those disorders without medicated treatment. With therapy, treatment plans are often used to properly convey and focus on the type therapy being used. Treatment plans are important when it comes to the therapy session because it can provide information …show more content…

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be applied to a range of disorders for improvement. CBT can work by changing people’s behavior and attitudes to focus on underlining issues within their thoughts, and beliefs. This type of therapy is based on the meanings we give our negative thoughts (Martin, 2016). Negative thoughts can essentially hinder positive behavior, creating a cycle. CBT works to change the way of thinking for a patient to encourage positive behavior. Someone who is suffering from psychological distress often has a negative way of interpreting situations, which becomes a cycle (McLeod, 1970).
In terms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, behavioral and emotional change can be accomplished with change in cognition. There is a focus on what is going on in the patients’ life currently rather than the past ("Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", 2016); highlighting only the current reasons for certain emotions. According to Gaudiano (2008), the major component of cognitive behavioral therapy is cognitive change then symptom reduction, which is thought to lead to improvements. The therapy is intended to help make patients become aware of the undesired behaviors and create alternate ways of thinking. It is about small changes that eventually lead to a greater impact on feelings and behavior. In regards to using the CBT technique there is structure based on how and which specific technique is used. CBT incorporates different therapeutic techniques in order to

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