Cognitive Development In Early Childhood Development

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After infancy, individuals move into the early childhood stage of life. During this stage, a distinct amount of physical growth occurs. Height and weight change drastically during this time; children grow, on average, two and a half inches in height and between five and ten pounds per year (Santrock, 2017, pg.203).
In addition to physical growth, a significant amount of cognitive growth takes place during early childhood. For instance, according to Piaget's theory, early childhood brings about an ability to reason. Moreover, young children begin to use images, words, and drawings to represent their world (Santrock, 2017, pg. 210). Furthermore, Lev Vygotsky theorized that young childhood is a period of time when social interactions are the main contributing factors to cognitive development. He concluded that assistance from others is the only way for certain tasks to be accomplished by the child (Santrock, 2017, pg. 214).
Socioemotional growth is another critical aspect of development during early childhood. As children gain a sense of self, they begin to become more emotionally aware. Through this development, children are able to determine which behaviors elicit certain emotions; they also gain the ability to reflect on and manage their emotions to meet societal norms (Santrock, 2017, pg. 240). Furthermore, a child's relationship with their parents, siblings, and peers contributes to their personality, behavior, and understanding of the world.
During middle to late

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