Cognitive Development of a 5 Year Old Essay

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Cognitive developmentChild: Luke Jackson Present/Observed (Oct. 24th, 2012)Observer: Bernique Pinder | Skill | Yes | Not Yet Able | Comments | Names a range of shapes | X | | Completed | Names a range of colours | X | | Completed | Sorts objects easily into alike groups | X | | Completed. Although some objects were classified with some assistance | Orders objects according to size | X | | Completed | Counts up to 20 objects, touching each one (rational counting) | X | | Completed | Retells events in sequence with detail | | X | Details are sketchy and only supplies information when prompted or questioned | Completes puzzles | X | | Completed with assistance | Listens to told story without props | X | | …show more content…

| Agreed that they are the same length firstly then on returning said that the protruding straw was longer stating “because I stretched it” | Agreed they were the same length at first then when he came back he said that “they were the same length because I moved it.” | Conservation of Liquid- Got two equal glasses and pour juice into each. Asked each child if It was equal. Then ask them to leave the room and removed one of the glass and poured juice into a tall skinny glass and asked which had more? | Acknowledge that they were equal at first then suggested that the initial cup had more. When asked why? He was unable to say why just that the tall cup was smaller (implying the narrowness) | Acknowledged that they were equal at first then said that the taller cup had more juice.When asked why he stated that “the juice in the taller cup is higher than the other so that means it contains more” | Analysis of Data Developmental Checklist Based on observation and data collected from the child I observed, He is capable of completing tasks expected of a five year old. He is capable of understanding two or three simple commands given at once. He can sort objects by size, and by what sort of thing they are, e.g. animals, or by colour or shape. He successfully compared two weights to work out which is heavier. He was able to understand taller, smaller and shorter. He can copy his name. Draw a person with a

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